Search Engine Optimisation

If you have your eye on a higher position in the search engine rankings then our SEO services are for you. TarfehPro Limited use only valid and ethical SEO techniques to get you in a better position for potential customers to find you.

Our Content and Strategy

When your site appears in the search results, we want to make sure that it serves a couple of different purposes. On one hand, it should serve to get the user there and on the other it should prompt engagement from the user.

Getting the user onto your site and also keeping them interested are both important, which is why our strategies target both of these functions. We want your site to have the best bounce rate and engagement statistics that it can have, while driving new traffic to your site.

The right content is essential for both of these, which is why we devote time and energy to understanding your business before we suggest a strategy. We kick off a cycle in which the user wants to return to your site and engage with your content all over again. All of the content that we provide to our clients is unique, interesting and engaging.

Website Design and Architecture

The way that your site has been created and maintained is important for your rankings too. Search engines can quickly figure out how well your site is laid out and whether it offers a good user experience or not. The pages within your site should contribute to a great user flow.

It’s more than just how your site looks, as search engines like Google can quickly tell how user friendly the back office is. Having an organised, well-built site will help you gain a better position in the rankings.

With this kind of structure in place, our SEO tools and techniques can be even more effective in gaining you exposure. We figure out what makes your site unique and then can use this to enhance your ranking. This grants you further exposure with users that are looking for sites that are just like yours.

Link Building for SEO

If you want to create high quality links on third party sites, then we can help. This can have an excellent effect on your rankings and bring you in more organic traffic. This gives your page more ranking value and overall value to the search engines. Link building works in tandem with our other SEO tactics for further authority and improvements in ranking.

At TarfehPro Limited, we’re experts at adding legitimacy and authority to your site. This creates a better search presence and brings you the results that work for your brand. The different aspects of our strategy will give you the opportunity to get your brand noticed.

With additional authority, you’re able to create a site that expresses who you are and what you do. This allows you to reach your ideal user and encourage them to convert on your site. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our SEO services.